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Agribusiness operates on tight margins, and the optimization of the use of expensive lubricants, hydraulic fluid and similar is essential for achieving the right balance between expenditure, machine availability and programmed maintenance.

Chemical plant

Machine optimization is a key performance measure in any business, particularly for costly high-tech machinery in the agricultural sector. Extending working time, especially that of machinery which is only in operation for part of the year, is crucial for achieving economy of operation.

Through our used oil and fluids programs, SGS provides access to our global network of cutting-edge laboratories and skilled analysts. We can provide comprehensive wear analysis and advise end users and machine rental companies and co-operatives on when to replace oil and fluids, when equipment lifetime can be extended and when damage is starting to occur due to contaminated or worn out fluids. Our suite of services aims to support maintained downtime and programs of predictive maintenance for all types of agricultural machinery.